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From the archives: Charles Lang and Otto Faulkenbach working on a Triceratops model, 1938
Explore the Museum’s digital archives here. 
AMNH Library/315711


From the archives: Charles Lang and Otto Faulkenbach working on a Triceratops model, 1938

Explore the Museum’s digital archives here

AMNH Library/315711

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TMNT by Clog Two / Blog / Tumblr

16.5” X 23.5” prints, S/N edition of 50. Available individually or as a 5 print set which also includes Master Splinter, as well as a Shredder print which is exclusive to set purchases for free. Available HERE.

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Four Poster Art inspired by the original 1960s version of Planet of the Apes by Alex Ross.

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Bob Eggletonselected by 1ll-society


Bob Eggleton
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…and part two

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In all my #dragoncon excitement I forgot I ordered this magnificent #godzilla print by @jasonedmistonart!
Look at all of these awesome Ghostbusting motherfuckers! #ghostbusters #dragoncon
Also these amazing #godzilla shirts! #gigan #xfiles
I was able to score some amazing original art by @scottblairart and William Stout at #dragoncon! #williamstout #godzilla #mechagodzilla
Didn’t take a lot of pics at #dragoncon but I had a great time with great friends. As I always do.  Getting ideas for next year. #ghostbusters #ecto #zappakappatrappa





Franco Banfi

A swiss diver, captured these pictures of one of the six anacondas he saw on his 10 day trip to Mato Grosso in Brazil. This one was about 26-feet long.

"At the first moment it’s scary because you don’t know the animal and everybody says it’s dangerous. ‘But after a while you understand that nothing happens if you respect the snake. ‘I have never been so close to a snake like this before. But I think a small poisonous snake is more scary than a big one. At least you can see the anacondas clearly and know what they’re doing." - Franco Banfi

so, you don’t have to kill it…

big snake

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The Skull of Frankenstein’s Monster

I love dead… hate living…

Sculpted and hand finished by professional artist Thomas Kuebler, the skull of Frankenstein’s monster was cast in solid resin, chosen for its resemblance to actual human bone. Measuring at around 15 inches from the cranium to the wooden base, no detail was spared in recreating the unmistakable skull of one of horror’s most recognizable monsters. This skull sold at an auction for $1275.00.

After years of working in the corporate art world of toy design prototypes and bringing robots to life in the animatronics field, Thomas Kuebler opted to explore his full creative potential as a multi-media sculptor.  Armed with the tools of his trade, a supportive wife and the odd inhabitants of his own personal fiction, he set forth on a mission to bring the world inside his head to life.

Kuebler’s award-winning silicone character sculptures have exhibited at venues such as The Society of Illustrators, NYC; Galeria Clave, Spain; Copro Nason Gallery, Santa Monica; The Allentown Art Museum, Pennsylvania and The Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio.  Other venues include the offices of DC Comics, Guillermo del Toro’s Bleak House and private collections around the world.  His sculptures have been featured in Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, Rue Morgue, and Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities, among other publications.

Thomas Kuebler, his wife, and their canine counterparts currently reside in North Carolina.

Artist Website

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nature is rad

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